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assisted mobility



The ideal assisted mobility device adapts to the user, not the other way around.


Thermoflex facilitates this adaptability, allowing us to create custom actuator solutions. Our flexible technology spans the spectrum from subtle hand movements to powerful limb support.

Form Factor:

Rigid actuators can't replicate the fluidity of human motion, leading to discomfort and unnatural movement.


Thermoflex overcomes these limitations with its flexible form factor. It molds to the body, even in difficult areas, and bends around joints with ease – a feat no other actuator can match.

ThermoFlex technology addresses the pressing challenges faced by clinics, clinicians, hospitals, and physicians in the field of prosthetics. Our actuators offer a unique blend of characteristics that provide superior solutions for the diverse requirements of both clinicians and amputees.

Clinicians demand highly adaptable and customizable solutions that remain cost-effective for their patients. Recognizing these needs, we designed ThermoFlex technology with adaptability at its core. Our systems seamlessly integrate with existing prosthetic infrastructure or enable the creation of bespoke solutions for complex cases.

Our actuation technology empowers clinicians and physicians to provide more comprehensive prosthetic care. Adaptability is complemented by strength, safety, and affordability. ThermoFlex actuators are chemically inert and biocompatible, ensuring ease of use for clinicians and optimal safety for amputees. The exceptional force-to-weight ratio enables both clinicians and amputees to achieve more with prosthetic devices. Finally, the cost-effectiveness of our technology provides flexibility to clinics, allowing for resource optimization, and greater accessibility of these life-changing technologies for amputees.

Traditional prosthetic actuators, particularly those intended for power applications, often suffer from excessive size and weight. This detrimentally affects the overall usability of the prosthetic, leading to fatigue and discomfort. ThermoFlex's lightweight construction directly combats this issue, minimizing the burden on the wearer, promoting comfort, and potentially increasing the prosthesis's functional usage time.

Thermoflex was made for Prosthetics

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